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2020-2021 internship at The Well Sheffield

Want to grow, have a go at new things? Developing your skills and giftings and be invested in at the same time? 

The EXPLORE Internship is an opportunity for you to serve at The Well in our growing leadership and volunteer team. It’s a chance to explore an area of ministry that interests you and you wish to grow in. You will gain experience, develop skills, and pour your creativity into chosen areas of church and community life.  In return, The Well will invest into your life and ministry, through an experienced mentor rather like an apprenticeship, and through you being part of the team week in, week out, with further opportunities for indepth discipleship or study.

EXPLORE runs from mid September 2020 to June 2021 for a set number of hours/days per week. 

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going deeper


Alongside the EXPLORE Internship we encourage you to participate in DEEPER.
Deeper is our part-time ministry school which sees people’s lives transformed each year. We focus on 3 aspects: teaching and discipleship | prayer and worship | outreach and a missional lifestyle.

It’s an ideal match. DEEPER will focus most on your character and learning. EXPLORE will be an opportunity to get more hands on in developing skills and giftings. 

If you’re already a Deeper graduate, or you’ve completed similar year-out schemes, there are opportunities for you to continue in learning or study both with local partners/colleges in the city, and tailored discipleship groups called ‘huddles’. 

Explore will be shaped around you

EXPLORE will integrate you into the regular life of The Well by participating and leading in areas like morning prayers, training, Sunday services, ministries and events & festivals in church. 

It will develop you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually through Deeper and Explore Huddle and more. 

You will chose an area to serve and grow in. Your skills and passion will help to develop that area of ministry, alongside the regular tasks that make it function. You’ll work alongside the ministry leader and other volunteers of that team. 


Areas of Internship can be: 

  • Youth – Our numbers and impact to 11-18s is growing all the time. Our qualified Youth Worker will mentor you with a passion to reach out and develop our youth work in this community. 

  • Students – We have 2 large universities on our doorstep, and students are close to our heart. We already have a good size student group within our church with a dedicated leader and team, and a passion to reach loads more including the many international students in our city. 

  • Children – We’re passionate to see children grow in a fun, safe atmosphere of faith, creativity and energy. Our team are dedicted and experienced, led by a nationally sought-after specialist.

  • Families Outreach – Our facilities are brilliant for serving our local parents and toddlers community, plus opportunities like marriage/family courses to improve the social fabric of Sheffield. Our team leader is fun, nurturing and missional.

  • Worship & Prayer – The heartbeat of The Well. Grow in skills and depth through opportunities to pioneer, lead, train and serve alongside a large team.

  • Evangelism – We’re in a time of harvest and we’re regularly out on streets. Be part of seeing this grow and reaching our neighbours. 

  • Vulnerable People – Be involved in the wider picture of serving the homeless and vulnerable of our city alongside great ministries run by The Well and other local churches.

  • International Mission – The nations are close to our heart. We are a church and city of internationals, where the nations have come to us and often we visit them with our friends and partners in both rich and developing parts of the world. 

  • Creative - Grow your experience in media, video, social media, music production, art & communications alongside many people exploring this area of expression and calling.

This list is not exclusive and some areas might be able to be combined. 

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ABOUT the well

The Well is a growing church, planted in 2015, serving the people of Sheffield.

We are seeing many people come to faith, and are passionate about the discipleship journey for people to come into a deep understanding of who God is, how good He is, what this means for our identity in Him, and learning to live a faith-filled, Jesus centred and bible based life.

Our ministry revolves around this, reaching out to our community and the city, through various weekly ministries, training and teaching, prayer and worship.


what does it take to be an intern?

☀ A hunger and passion for Jesus

☀ A expectation to be constantly growing in your faith

☀ A commitment to reading and studying the bible, prayer, worship and development of our spiritual disciplines

☀ A willingness to love the people around you and those you will come into contact with

☀ Ready to be stretched

☀ Keen to learn

☀ Able to work in a team and motivated to carry out tasks you’ve been given

☀ A good work ethic

☀ Able to embrace change and flexibility

☀ UK citizens or those with permission to live in the UK. We are not currently able to help issue or apply for Visas

A Year Out or Exploring More

EXPLORE Internship can be done as a full-time year out, or part-time alongside work or other committments. You could treat it as a chance to explore different aspects of ministry before going into (or back into) a full time career or futher training. EXPLORE can certainly help in discerning a life of further/full time Christian ministry and training. 


You will be expected to take care of all your personal expenses and living costs.  We do not provide housing, but can help with finding housing either by living with a local family or in a shared house, especially if you’re moving to Sheffield from elsewhere. If you join DEEPER alongside EXPLORE, there will be course costs - some bursaries are available if finances are a significant issue for you. Come and have a chat to find out how this can work for you.


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