We welcome you!

Here at The Well we LOVE students, and it’s our pleasure to welcome you to Sheffield. It’s going to be an incredible few years of joy, tears and more drama than a weeks’ worth of Netflix boxsets — where you’ll spend ENDLESS CUPS OF COFFEE trying to define, explore and figure out who you really are.

The GREAT news is we’re here doing it with you!



Sundays are an exciting time together. Gather at 10am for the all age gathering (9:30am for free cafe) and then there’s the 5pm gathering and at 6.30pm the cafe is open again before the evening gathering at 7pm. The student team will always try to be around; we don’t want to miss an opportunity to say hello!

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midweek communities

We know navigating student life can be a minefield — from hunting lost socks in the laundry room, to working out relationships and the future — we’d encourage you to join one of our communities and journey together as family as you figure out all these things and more. And yes, there will be delicious homemade food. Contact Ruth & Ben (below) if you’d like to try one out.


Meet the Student team leaders

If you have any further questions or would just like to meet up for a chat and drink, then please get in touch.

We’d LOVE to hear from you!

0800 599 9060