sheffield calling

We love our city of Sheffield, a city of over 550,000 people drawn from all walks of life. And somewhere in this mass of people there’s you – trying to make sense of it all. You’re bombarded daily EVERY MINUTE with advertisements promising you something in exchange for your time and money = peace, value, significance and love.

Where did it all get so complicated? Didn’t it used to be simpler?

Here at The Well, we don’t pretend to have (ALL) the answers, but we do understand the questions and want to help you in your search for truth and meaning.

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a grassroots movement

The Well exists to house + SHARE the presence of God through words, music, works and wonders. We’re a community that’s learning what it means to follow Jesus and share what we find with the diverse expressions of culture around us. Our heart is to build a relationship with you – whatever your situation in life. We are a church for the whole city, with a particular heart for life on a Ecclesall Road, which is an intersection between students, young adults, businesses, the poor and young families. We passionately believe and hold to the teachings of the Bible. Everything we seek to do is based on the desire to fulfil what God’s word says and born out of a passion to be led by His Holy Spirit.


and you're invited

We’re a new church plant so there’s loads of opportunities to get stuck in, right at the start. Practically this looks like building community with each other by spending time; eating, laughing and crying, experiencing heartfelt worship and looking to serve in the homes and on the streets of our beautiful city.

Welcome to your new home, welcome to The Well.


nick & marjorie allan


The Well church is led by Baptist minister Nick and his wife Marjorie – with a combined background in Christian ministry spanning the past 18 years and working alongside an experienced team representing people from all walks of life.

We are a registered charity, with the full Child Protection/Safeguarding policies.

You are so welcome at The Well.