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Video of gatherings, live streaming and production

We use digital technology to enable more people the opportunity to engage with what God is doing at The Well. It’s a fantastic way to enable many people to experience our impactful training and teaching in living a Godly-life, and to  welcome anyone into a journey with Jesus. 

Below we’ve outlined some common questions and welcome your feedback on our approach so we can continually improve and serve everyone as best we can.

1) What is video streaming?

Video streaming is like ‘live TV’ broadcast through the internet. The Well have invested in camera and computer equipment that allows streaming to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. These social media accounts are managed by specific staff and team members at The Well.


video shorts

2) What will be filmed?

We have Live Streaming, Filmed Events (talks that are filmed but not live streamed) and Pre-planned filming.


At present we have one camera in the Sanctuary (main part of The Well) which films the talk at the evening gathering. This scope may extend to capturing the worship in the future, but we’re not ready for that yet, except for special occasions like our annual Carols by Candlelight.

We avoid directly filming the attendees, instead focusing solely on the person(s) speaking on stage. If this changes we will let you know. We never film ministry/response time at the front of church.

Training Events

From time to time we film training sessions (such as Deeper and evening courses). The vast majority of time the camera will be focused on the speaker(s). We’ll make it clear when we’re filming.

Video shorts:

The Creative Team at The Well will also produce other video content from time to time. Everyone appearing will have given their permission to feature in these productions.


3) Why is the well using it?

There are lots of reasons why we are taking advantage of this technology:

  1. It allows people who regularly attend The Well to watch back talks in their own time. This is an excellent addition to our audio podcasts.

  2. Live streaming allows those who would like to attend but can’t maybe because they’re ill, away or caring for others. By streaming the gatherings they can join in and engage in realtime, including through the ‘comments’ function. 

  3. The video content allows us to share the message for anyone to watch, learn and be blessed by. In the same way that the audio podcasts are publicly available, the video recorded versions can be shared widely with people who are interested. The Well has many friends around the world who really appreciate this.

  4. The ‘digital revolution’ has meant that people can access virtually anything via their internet enabled device(s). Amongst that ‘noise’ we want to make sure the opportunity is presented for people to engage with the word of God. We serve Sheffield, and we’re particularly keen for the message of Jesus to be heard here in this city both in person (by attending a gathering) and in a digital context.


4) How will we use it?

Most Sunday evening gatherings we film the talk/sermon. The footage is live-streamed to The Well’s YouTube, plus a link to it from our Facebook page. The published livestream then remains publicly available on the Well’s YouTube channel so it can also be viewed in the future. 

Recordings of training sessions are usually stored on YouTube and made available to Well members via a non-public link.


5) Will I appear on video?

  • You may appear on the video if you were to walk onto the stage during the talk, or if you are a band member and were exiting the stage in the transition to the beginning of the talk. Aside from these times there will be very little chance of your face appearing on video. 

  • We will never film children without guardian/parental consent.

  • During response times (after a talk) the filming will be terminated if people walk into the camera view. We’re aware this can be a sensitive time for people, and the filming will naturally draw to close around this time anyway.

  • The back of your head may feature as the camera faces the stage, but most commonly the camera shot is cropped to film the person speaking on stage directly (see image below). 

  • Whilst we are focusing solely on what is happening on the stage, to guarantee that you won’t appear on film please see the image below that highlights completely safe areas that will not feature on any videos. In some instances such as special occasions we may use additional cameras around the building.

  • We will never broadcast or film baptisms - unless this is specifically requested by the person(s) being baptised. The same goes for any celebration of this nature (weddings, dedications etc).

well area to film.jpg

filming area

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 20.13.55.png

a Typical camera crop

A viewer would usually see an image like this.


What other media do we use?

From time to time we take photographs of gatherings for use on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Images are also used in brochures, booklets and The Well’s website. In all of these instances we request permission of use if you feature in the picture and are fully compliant of GDPR guidelines.


How to watch and subscribe

To view the Well’s YouTube you can search ‘The Well Sheffield’ or follow the link by clicking the button below. Once on the page you can click ‘subscribe’. You can also choose to turn your notifications ‘on’ which means you will be notified when a new video is published or the live stream is active.

You can follow The Well’s Facebook Page where you will find a link when the live stream is on at

Feedback and questions

We welcome feedback and questions. We’re keen to have dialogue so please let us know if this is useful to you and also present constructive feedback so we can improve this service to The Well, Sheffield and the world.

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