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Ephesians 1 - Our Identity in Christ

One of the world’s greatest questions is: WHO AM I? Where is my identity to be found? The bible speaks directly into this question in the book of Ephesians. Chapter 1 explores the impact on everyday life of Christians getting hold of our truest identity in Christ.


Nick explains the origins and power of the act of communion (eucharist, breaking bread). What does it symbolise, and how may we appropriate the power of Jesus’ death and resurection in our everyday lives?

Acts // Finding God in unexpected places

In everyday life, people are nearer to God than they often realise. Many people are spiritually closer to God than we may think or give credit. The Christian missionary task is ‘show and tell’ to challenge preconceptions, pointing ourselves and others away from the worship of modern day ‘idols’ towards the fullness of life and salvation through Jesus.

From Acts 14, we ask: what does it mean for ME to preach the gospel in the everyday? Am I allowing God to be a comfortable addition, an accompaniment to my life, instead of the main event?

Why are we here?

In the aftermath of Easter Jesus launched a worldwide movement we now know of as the Church. Looking at Acts 1:1-8, Nick explores what makes up a healthy church community today, asking us "Why are we here?"

Easter Sunday 2019 : He's still rolling stones

Easter morning 2019 was a riot of colour, family coming together, baptisms of believers and celebration songs. Our Minister Nick led our thoughts on “Resurrection Day”. Why is it so exceptional that Christians can say they are “one with Christ”? Why does the event of Easter change everything? Like Lauren Daigle sings, even if we feel like we’ve dug our own grave, there is always hope because: “He’s still rolling stones”.

How may Christians engage with Politics?

Politics is a key issue in our times. Brexit is on everybody’s lips (but not the subject of this talk!). How should Christians engage with politics wisely? What does the bible say about it? The biblical statement “Jesus is Lord” fundamentally influences our everyday interaction with faith and politics.

Vision Week : Part One

Nick and Marjorie cast vision and talk through the culture at the Well. We all have a part to play. Every person, everyday everywhere in dreaming for our city.

Paradox : Jesus is easy to see and easy to miss

In our final ‘Paradox’ talk, Nick explores how God came to earth in the flesh of Jesus Christ, for all around him to see and hear – and yet, for so many people the revelation of Jesus remains hidden. God is available for all to see – but not all see God as available. Will you and I have ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’, particularly at Christmas time?

Paradox : Conquering and Suffering

Remembrance Sunday 2018 marking 100 years since the WW1 armistice. Nick Allan explores the paradox of the gospel describing Christians as “more than conquerors” yet we live in societal and personal pain and suffering in so many different ways. How do we hold these tensions well as followers of Jesus?

Paradox : Word And Spirit

Nick explores the essential reality for all Christians to engage with both the Word of God and the Spirit of God, in the world. Debunking unhelpful caricatures and encouraging us to a radical middle ground, Nick encouraged us not to ‘dry up’ or ‘burn up’ but ‘grow up’ in God.