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Emotionally Healthy Church : Processing Loss And Grief

All of us experience loss as we navigate life. As we experience any level of loss it is important to learn to grieve well. Grief is never something to get over but to walk through.

All through the scriptures we see biblical characters battle prayerfully with the emotions of loss and grief. As part of this talk Marjorie interviews Jo Mckinnis on the tragic death of her little boy a few years ago and how she has walked this journey with God.

Vision Week : Part One

Nick and Marjorie cast vision and talk through the culture at the Well. We all have a part to play. Every person, everyday everywhere in dreaming for our city.

Paradox : Salvation And Searching

We didn’t “find God” - He always initiates and we respond. Marjorie looks at the balance between “receiving” and “giving” in our Christian walk. God sets us up with opportunities to mature from being babies in the faith; to children; to adolescents; to trusted sons and daughters.

Paradox: Son of God - Son of Man

Continuing our paradox series, Marjorie introduces us to a God with a pure holy heart who rolls up His sleeves and gets His hands dirty amongst humanity. In Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus challenged those who envisaged salvation by separation, because He models salvation by association.