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Oneness with Jesus

Nick explores the reality of having oneness with Jesus Christ for followers of Him. This impacts our day to day, our mindset towards seeing His Kingdom come and is the on-going and eternal truth of salvation itself.

Dealing with Disappointments

Friend of The Well, Dr Pete Carter of Eastgate church Kent, shared his experience of dealing with disappointments yet not allowing them to define us, or dent our faith and expectation of God.

What is Truth?

Nick explores Jesus' claim to be the truth, and how as followers of him we can live out his truth in a post-truth society. 

Get Ready

Friends of The Well Hugo and Hanneke van Driel share their story and wisdom as they released Godly power for the time ahead for our nation. 

Wake Up Church!

Have you become indifferent to the world around you? Have you realised you are in a battle? Toby through a study of Exodus 14 encourages us to wake up to the reality of not only God's protection, but also God's invitation to allow him to fight our battles for us. 

Discernment in Decision Making

Are you seeking direction for your life? Marjorie looks at learning to hear Gods voice and discernment when it comes to direction. How do we develop our lives so that so we are directed by God not Google?