All in This is Our Story

Faith and faithfulness

Nick walks us through how, all through the bible, God’s people are about two things: faith and faithfulness. A two-way exchange where God provides the faith (because our faith is not in ourselves or anything else, but in the person & character of God), while our response is faithfulness through thick and thin.

Good news for everyone

The angels threw a party when they announced Jesus’ arrival on planet earth. The good news about Jesus was personal, positive, and for all people. It demands a response of some kind. It calls us into #TheLoveStory of God.

The Father

The bible provides a ‘slow reveal’ of the nature and character of God the Father. From glimpses throughout the Old Testament, to Jesus revealing the Father to planet earth. Later the New Testament writers expand again, getting to grips with us becoming children of God.

The story of The Well

The woman at the well in John 4 tells the story of transformation of a person, who transformed their region, after encountering Jesus Christ. It’s our story too. To watch the video of some of our stories click on