All in Paradox

Paradox : Jesus is easy to see and easy to miss

In our final ‘Paradox’ talk, Nick explores how God came to earth in the flesh of Jesus Christ, for all around him to see and hear – and yet, for so many people the revelation of Jesus remains hidden. God is available for all to see – but not all see God as available. Will you and I have ‘ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’, particularly at Christmas time?

Paradox : Life and Death

Nick considers the tension between life and death. Talking from his personal experiences and using the experience of Jesus, he takes us through what it means to move from death to life right now, leaving behind our sinful nature towards a spirit filled life.  He uses the story of Lazarus from the Bible, encouraging us to hear the call of Jesus,  as well as referencing Romans 8 to encourage us in our personal journey of growth as Christians.

Paradox : Salvation And Searching

We didn’t “find God” - He always initiates and we respond. Marjorie looks at the balance between “receiving” and “giving” in our Christian walk. God sets us up with opportunities to mature from being babies in the faith; to children; to adolescents; to trusted sons and daughters.

Paradox : Conquering and Suffering

Remembrance Sunday 2018 marking 100 years since the WW1 armistice. Nick Allan explores the paradox of the gospel describing Christians as “more than conquerors” yet we live in societal and personal pain and suffering in so many different ways. How do we hold these tensions well as followers of Jesus?

Paradox : Word And Spirit

Nick explores the essential reality for all Christians to engage with both the Word of God and the Spirit of God, in the world. Debunking unhelpful caricatures and encouraging us to a radical middle ground, Nick encouraged us not to ‘dry up’ or ‘burn up’ but ‘grow up’ in God.

Paradox : The church is a group of individuals

Ruth and Tim explore how God wants to know and meet us as both a group of individuals, and an individual group. Our personal relationship with God really matters, and so does our relationship to the church universal. How much have I made my relationship with Jesus just about ME, and lost sight of my part in the wider body of Christ?

Paradox : Wait And Go

Duncan speaks on the paradox of ‘wait’ and ‘go’. Jesus calls us to both. Going without prayerful waiting leads to powerless action. Attentive waiting will always lead to going, and then we can expect the ‘going’ to bear much fruit.

Paradox: Son of God - Son of Man

Continuing our paradox series, Marjorie introduces us to a God with a pure holy heart who rolls up His sleeves and gets His hands dirty amongst humanity. In Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus challenged those who envisaged salvation by separation, because He models salvation by association.