All in James

The Power Of The Tongue (James 3:2-12)

Marjorie reflected on how our words have power, mentally, spiritually and practically. The power can be negative or positive, and we can train our hearts and heads to produce the right kind of reactions, through God’s spirit in us. She challenged us to ask: are our words language bringing forth life or adding to death? 

Faith That Works (James 2 & 4)

“Our faith isn’t one of works. But our faith works.” Really getting to grips with faith in Jesus should propell us into action with and for Jesus in everyday life. Nick unpacked passages from James 2: v 14-26 & James 4:v 13-17.

I Can Afford To Be Generous (James 2:1-13)

Nick reflects on how our daily reactions to people, events, situations are often full of prejudice and fear. Instead of being influenced by the way of the world, we should draw on our identity in Jesus to empower better responses. Before the grace of God, we’re all in the same boat.