All in I Am

I am the vine

Jesus encouraged his followers that he would desert them, a follower of Jesus is eternally connected to Him by the Holy Spirit. Faith is all about relationship. Amanda explains how “remaining/abiding” in Christ is not a passive thing, it’s all about partnering with Him.

I am the resurrection and the life

Death is a part of everyday life: can we find meaning beyond it? Marjorie explores Jesus’ claim to be the answer to death: resurrection. And his offer of “life in all its fullness” in the present, as well as into eternity for those you open their hearts towards him.

I am the light of the world

Light is hard to miss. But the Jewish leaders missed it. They refused to allow the light to shine INTO their hearts, and expose the inner darkness.  Nick explores how with Jesus in the centre of our life we can have the colour back if we feel faded or jaded. Let the light of Christ shine out from within you – into the darkness of other people’s lives, or dark situations.