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Emotionally Healthy Church: Interdependence

Toby speaks about how important it is that we understand and live in interdependence, with other Christians as the body of Christ in the world. Disconnection is rife in this world, social media tries to reconnect people, but even better the church has the opportunity to follow Jesus’ model of being present, humble, listening to each other and our local communities.

Emotionally Healthy Church : Joy

Lots of us know that God wants us to live in joy, but what even is joy and what does that mean when life is tough? Ruth unpacks what it means to have joy even in the most difficult circumstances and gives some practical tools to help us process hard times in a healthy way, both emotionally and spiritually.

Emotionally Healthy Church : Processing Loss And Grief

All of us experience loss as we navigate life. As we experience any level of loss it is important to learn to grieve well. Grief is never something to get over but to walk through.

All through the scriptures we see biblical characters battle prayerfully with the emotions of loss and grief. As part of this talk Marjorie interviews Jo Mckinnis on the tragic death of her little boy a few years ago and how she has walked this journey with God.

Emotionally Healthy Church : Dealing With Disappointment

If we’re honest disappointment is something we deal with on a daily basis, from the small to those big life disappointments and even disappointment with God and life itself.  How do we walk through these disappointments in faith when all around us others can be getting the breakthroughs we want?

How do we find God and walk with Him through the valley of disappointment and find His hope and promise, even where it feels like all hope is lost?