All in Beatitudes

Beatitudes 8-Blessed are the peacemakers and the persecuted

Persecution is a fact of life for anyone who puts the rest of the beatitudes into action, who seeks to be Christlike in daily life.

It’s not you that people say evil against and seek to persecute –

It’s actually the reality of the kingdom of God that people are rubbed up the wrong way by. In that case, being a peace-maker is so important.

Beatitudes 4 – Blessed are the meek

Meakness means the good life is completely upside down to power, oppression, winning at all costs, getting ahead in the game, beating others to the prize. Inheriting the earth is all about who you and I are as part of the people of God – our story, our place in the world.

Beatitudes 1 – Introduction

Jesus’ definition of the kingdom of God is upside down. When you are weak you are strong, Jesus is so deeply challenging to our frameworks for living. Really digging into the Beatitudes is an invitation to go on a journey, allowing Him to challenge our mindsets again – and our character in the process.