Receiving and Releasing Generosity

Duncan Smith, President of Catch the Fire World, visited us and spoke about God’s economy: what generosity with our finances & resources can really look like (incl. Luke 16). His challenge was to not to consider oneself generous until we are already returning to God what’s due to Him and sowing into other people’s opportunities.

Paradox : Wait And Go

Duncan speaks on the paradox of ‘wait’ and ‘go’. Jesus calls us to both. Going without prayerful waiting leads to powerless action. Attentive waiting will always lead to going, and then we can expect the ‘going’ to bear much fruit.

Paradox: Son of God - Son of Man

Continuing our paradox series, Marjorie introduces us to a God with a pure holy heart who rolls up His sleeves and gets His hands dirty amongst humanity. In Matthew 9:9-13 Jesus challenged those who envisaged salvation by separation, because He models salvation by association.

How to miss your miracle

Our God is a God of miracles. We believe in miracles, but it is possible that we may miss miracles and breakthroughs in our lives by not understanding who God is and how He works. Marjorie takes us through the account of Naaman's healing (2 Kings 5): a journey of vulnerability, humility and obedience.