Acts // Making sense of the message

We know the gospel is good news. How can we best communicate that to people in very different circumstances or views of the world from our own? Nathan uses the example of Paul speaking to the big-thinkers in Athens from Acts chapter 17.

Acts // Finding God in unexpected places

In everyday life, people are nearer to God than they often realise. Many people are spiritually closer to God than we may think or give credit. The Christian missionary task is ‘show and tell’ to challenge preconceptions, pointing ourselves and others away from the worship of modern day ‘idols’ towards the fullness of life and salvation through Jesus.

From Acts 14, we ask: what does it mean for ME to preach the gospel in the everyday? Am I allowing God to be a comfortable addition, an accompaniment to my life, instead of the main event?

Desperately Good News

Phil Knox of the Evangelical Alliance challenged us about how desperate we are to introduce our friends and contacts to the good news of Jesus. From the passage (Matt. 9:1-8) about friends lowering their mate through a roof to get close to Jesus, Phil inspired us that Jesus is really great news!

Forgiveness is Freedom

In our evening gathering, Amanda shares on the biblical principles of forgiveness. By learning how loving God, others and ourselves, it can help us live in the freedom that forgiveness brings and can benefit our whole life - spirit, soul and body.

Preference : Kingdom Posture

Toby explores how as disciples of Jesus, we can live out our lives in preference for others. We can only prefer others if we have grasped how Jesus preferred us on the cross and allowing this to be come the foundation of mission and kingdom building in everything we do.

Why are we here?

In the aftermath of Easter Jesus launched a worldwide movement we now know of as the Church. Looking at Acts 1:1-8, Nick explores what makes up a healthy church community today, asking us "Why are we here?"

Will you follow me?

Guest speaker Revd Derek Allan unpacks the challenge every person and every Christian faces in the light of Jesus’ resurrection. Jesus asks: “Will you follow me and really live like me, whatever the future holds?”

Easter Sunday 2019 : He's still rolling stones

Easter morning 2019 was a riot of colour, family coming together, baptisms of believers and celebration songs. Our Minister Nick led our thoughts on “Resurrection Day”. Why is it so exceptional that Christians can say they are “one with Christ”? Why does the event of Easter change everything? Like Lauren Daigle sings, even if we feel like we’ve dug our own grave, there is always hope because: “He’s still rolling stones”.

Oneness with Jesus

Nick explores the reality of having oneness with Jesus Christ for followers of Him. This impacts our day to day, our mindset towards seeing His Kingdom come and is the on-going and eternal truth of salvation itself.

SPECIAL: John Arnott and Catch the Fire at The Well Sheffield

It was our privilege last night to host John Arnott and the Catch the Fire UK team. John shared stories of what it has been like to steward an unprecedented move of God’s power and presence around the world for the past 25 years. A fresh appreciation & experience of God’s love, healing, hope and purpose is shared by millions of Christian’s worldwide... and we got a share in it too.