How To Use Power Well.

Everybody holds power in life, in all kinds of ways. We can learn a lot from how Jesus dealt with tremendous authority and power safely, and for the sake of others. Nick Allan unpacks the pathway as : Security - Humility - Authority - Power.

What Christmas Means to Me

Danielle Bradley in a TED-style talk remembers how in many of her previous Christmases God wasn't there and hope wasn't real. Now, alongside 10 million turkeys and family breakdown she's learning there is good to be found in all circumstances. Hope is real for everybody, you just need to choose it.

Carols by Candlelight 2017

An inspirational, sparkling candle-lit night of carols both condemporary and traditional, at The Well. Celebrating the Christmas message that Hope Is Real, amidst the songs we heard stories from people transformed by the love and presence of God in everyday lives.