God is alive and moving in our midst and here are some real life stories.



“To be perfectly honest, I started coming to The Well to get out of the house on a Sunday! I had an eight month old, found out I was pregnant and my husband works Sundays and I felt lonely.

What started off as just getting out of the house very quickly turned into a ‘this is our spiritual home’. As soon as I walked into the door I had a lovely lady come and take my bag for me and get me a coffee because we were slightly late and showed me where I can sit with the baby. I was made to feel very welcome which was so lovely because I was nervous turning up on my own.

Because I started going every week I started to build some really beautiful friendships with other mums there and now meet with them in the week so I feel really blessed to be able to go to church and hang out with friends at the same time!

I can see how it was totally a God thing me going to The Well because God has really transformed my life through the community at The Well and engaging in really beautiful worship and having an opportunity for prayer that was life changing.

I’m so grateful for a really wonderful church where loving people is so evident in the community there.”



“I was brought up in a Christian family and went to church growing up but when I came to uni I never bothered trying to find myself a church. Two years into uni and I was at one of the lowest points after a nasty break up and feeling desperately lonely. After a soppy chat about breakups with one of my best mates Tim, who had also been through one, we realised that both of us were Christians and so we decided to look for a church.

On the recommendation of my cousin’s friend we found The Well. Strangely, going to a new church can seem like quite an intimidating prospect but we were welcomed into the amazing community at The Well by Ruth and co. With open arms as soon as we walked through the door, and that first service completely changed both of our lives.

The worship was unlike anything I’d experienced at church before and the talks, rather than being condemning and lecture-like, were applicable to my life and completely eye opening. I started to read the Bible – out of choice! And completely rediscovered my love for Jesus. As soon as that relationship with Jesus was found again it made all the loneliness and sadness in my heart go away and I was happy again! I left every Sunday beaming from ear to ear, ready to go into the week ahead.

Church became something I would genuinely to look forward to rather than something I was forced by my parents to go to. Now that uni is finished I will miss The Well and everyone there so much but will always be grateful to the people there for reigniting my love for God and reminding me of what is most important in life.”



When I visited the Well for the first after starting Uni, it was fair to say I was still very distant from God.

A year prior this point I would have probably called myself a hard-line atheist and I saw no place for a God in my world view and was completely closed off to the very concept of a divine with no need for a God in my life. However a year later I found myself going out with a Christian girl, she made it clear that if things were going to work, I would have to at least try visiting a few churches... The idea of visiting a church full of people who I imagined would probably be very different to myself terrified me; however I obliged and began to check out a few churches local to the university.

When I found myself welcomed into the Well my whole life changed. My first visit to the Well was amazing and I found I had so much in common with the people around me; I was struck by the love and power of the worship, and I had no idea church could be this fun and inspiring!

After sometime I took the next step and joined the Student Community. At this point I was still full of questions and generally felt quite sceptical of a lot of what the bible had to say. The community turned out to be a fantastic place to deal with these gritty issues, and the leader’s activity promoted discussion and debate. The wisdom imparted has greatly shaped my now strong faith. Whenever I’m away from Sheffield I always look forward to being back at the Well, each Sunday evening is like a dose of wisdom and power that fills you up for the rest of the week.

The seemingly unlikely fact that I can call myself a Christian today still makes me smile, and although this reflects God’s grace, it is in great part a result of the transformation that came through this diverse and incredible church.