Naturally Supernatural Course

October - November 2019

Next course runs October - November 2019 see below for more

Next course runs October - November 2019 see below for more

Simple, practical and inspiring training in how Christians can live naturally supernatural lives.

For Christians who know there’s more.  You’re invited  to join in a journey during this 8-week experience.  The bible paints a picture of the radical Christian life, inspired by revelation of God’s goodness, overflowing with Holy Spirit power into everyday life which influences the world around us for God’s kingdom. Many of us yearn to live this ‘naturally supernatural’ kind of life, which we read about in the book of Acts, and which has been available ever since.

It’s less about gaining more knowledge, it’s more about having a hunger to go deeper into the spiritual gifts of God and understanding the supernatural realm. Topics such as growing in supernatural power, words of knowledge, healing, angels & demons, and spiritual warfare will be covered.

From a solid biblical basis, we will be exploring how we grow this into our daily life, daily experience.

With loads of hands-on practice in a safe, have-a-go environment, we’ll be activating the gifts of Holy Spirit so that we can impact the world around us for God.

Naturally Supernatural is open to Christians from any church, and is hosted by The Well, Sheffield.

Led by ministers of The Well Revd. Nick & Marjorie Allan and Amanda Curtis (of The Well and Spirit Cafe, Sheffield) with a team.

***SPECIAL GUEST Isabel Allum will be teaching and imparting about the kingdom of God LIVE in session 2 ***

next course: october - November 2019

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