Extra Resources

Here are a few ideas of talks or books we recommend to help you to live a naturally supernatural lifestyle...

Recommended reading

Sustainable Power - Simon Holley - click to buy at CLC christian bookstore or Amazon

Miracle Work - Jordan Seng - click to buy at Amazon

When Heaven Invades Earth – Bill Johnson - click to buy at CLC christian bookstore or Amazon

Anything by Randy Clark - click to buy at CLC Christian bookstore or Amazon

Other suggested reading

If you are interested in doing any further reading, we would recommend any of the following books to go deeper on particular subjects:

·       Supernatural Power of a transformed mind – Bill Johnson

·       The Essential Guide to Healing – Bill Johnson & Randy Clark

·       Walking in Supernatural Healing Power – Chris Gore

·       Unwrapping Lazarus – Dr Pete Carter

·       One touch of the King changes everything – Mark Stibbe

·       Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power – A prophetic manual for those wanting to move in God’s supernatural power – Julia Loren

·       Entertaining Angels – Engaging the Unseen Realm – Randy Clark

·       Angels are for Real – Judith MacNutt

·       The Truth about Angels – Terry Law

·       The School of the Seers – Jonathan Welton

·       Words of Knowledge Made Easy – Scott Thompson

·       Healing Through Deliverance – Peter Horrobin

·       God at War – The Bible & Spiritual Conflict  - Gregory Boyd

You can buy the top Christian books from the CLC bookshop on West Street in town, or ask them to order them for you.  http://clc.org.uk/shops/sheffield.aspx