Building Redevelopment Phase 1


What’s happened so far?

At The Well, we love our city, and we love how God has provided us with a great church building as a home and a base from which to reach out and serve the city around us. We purchased it formally in March 2017, knowing that there are many potential improvements to consider if the building is to best serve us and God’s vision in the years to come.

During 2018 we commissioned a local firm Smith & Roper Architects to draw up redevelopment plans, and we consulted with you to hear of our people’s comments or concerns. Then we tightened our options to come up with what is genuinely feasible, as well as affordable.

In late November 2018, Gerry Smith our architect presented Phase 1a plans at an open drop-in Q&A.

You can view the plans and a video presentation below.

We propose redevelopment in several phases:

Phase 1a - Upper Hall & Café Area redevelopment - Summer 2019

  • Cafe & foyer

    • better layout, new kitchen & office

    • fold-back wall to create an optional overflow from sanctuary

    • improve 'flow' of people

    • remove metal pillars

    • Improve toilets

  • Upper hall 

    • sound proofed floor

    • new flexible meeting rooms

    • Accustic & thermal insulation

    • disapbled toilet & kitchenette

Phase 1b - Install efficient heating system for Sanctuary & side rooms/Lower Hall

efficient heating system for whole Ground floor

  • remove outdated & inefficient boiler in basement

  • install modern efficient boilers to serve all lower rooms

  • replace some radiators to improve heat spread

  • retain sanctuary pipework until phase 2

Phase 2 - Refurbish Sanctuary area (after 2019)

  • Sanctuary

    • remove pews & level floor

    • new heating method

    • potential balconies / extra seating

  • Back Corridor

    • potential toilet improvements

Phase 1a Plans

Ground Floor plan

Click image to enlarge

Click HERE for a different pdf of full ground floor plan (updated 3.3.19)

Click HERE for toilet layout plans (new 3.3.19)

First floor plan

Click image to enlarge

Click HERE for a different pdf of full first floor plan

Perspective view

Click image to enlarge

Click HERE for a different pdf plan of this perspective view (new 3.3.19)

what’s next?

In January 2019 we launched our Redevelopment Gift Campaign, leading up to a Gift-Day on 3 March 2019. We explained our positive financial position going into this project and invite you to invest in making our building brilliant for a generation to come.


All feedback goes direct to Ian Prescott, our voluntary Project Manager

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