The Well Sheffield Baptist Church

Annual General Meeting 2019

Wednesday 13 February 2019 - 7.30pm - The Well

Annual Report

The Annual Report and Accounts. This is the statutory report we file with the Charity Commission. It includes a summary of the charity/church’s activities, achievements and finances for the past financial year, running Oct 17 - Sept 18.

DOWNLOAD the full report (including financials) HERE



1.              Opening meeting (including prayer)

2.              Apologies

3.              Minutes of the previous church family meetings – receive and agree (Church Members only) – pre-circulated on website

4.              Presentation of Annual Report and accounts for the period 1 October 2017 - 30 Sept 2018 (Chair of Trustees & Treasurer)

a.     Church & Ministry Review for the period

b.     Annual accounts and adoption

5.              Building refurbishment project

6.              Future finances & budget 2017-18

7.              Other Church business

a.     Gift to another church building fund

b.     Safeguarding Policy Review

c.     List of new Baptist Members recently admitted

8.              Close of AGM

Minutes of previous meetings






At the AGM we will seek members' approval by vote for the minutes of our previous minutes. Please read the minutes here IN ADVANCE:

Feb 6 2018 AGM - Click here to download

May 2 2018 - Click here to download

September 18 2018 - Click here to download

November 28 2018 - Click here to download

In February 2019 the Trustees reviewed and agreed a slightly updated version of our Safeguarding Children policy. We do this about once per year as good practice. You don’t need to read it for the AGM, but here’s a link if you’d like to see it, since we will mention its adoption. READ HERE

Safeguarding policy review

At our last Church Family Meeting we spoke together about making a gesture of generosity beyond ourselves whilst we invest big in our building. This also felt important since during 2017-18 we missed our 10% target of generosity in finanicial gifts beyond ourselves. The Trustees wish to bring to the AGM 2 proposals, with the suggestion that we give each party £5000. Both are churches with whom we have relationship, one in Sheffield, one in the West Midlands. Both have significant and ambitious building projects which they won’t be able to afford themselves in their entirety.
1.   Londonderry Baptist Church in the West Midlands. This is Aaron Jarvis’s church, who has spoken at The Well, and Nick Allan took a team to minister there in November 2018. They are already too large for their building. They recently gave away their redevelopment pot of cash while in Africa to what they saw as an even more deserving cause.

2.  Church on the Rock in Sheffield’s Burngreave. They are a great church serving a poor community, they recently bought 2 buildings from Sheffield City Council and have a big £1.1m fundraising project underway. It would be a sign of church unity and investing elsewhere in our city. Read more here: